King of Helluland Over The Top (Brandy)

Interchampion, CH SK, CZ, A, H, D, 2x BIS, Club winner Germany, Champion of Champions Slovakia 2013 res. BIS, Champion of Champions Czech rep. 2014  res. BIS, 2 x BOB Czech club shows 2013, 2014, BOB Fed Cup 2013

HD =A, ED=O, cystinurie = free, heart = clear, OCD = free, Knees, heels, back bone = clear, frozen + chilled semen = available 

Kosice-12-5-2013-bok-2 Kosice-12-5-2013-bok- Brandy-best Brandy-naj-pes-sobota-1 Brendy Brandy-1 Brandy-hlava-2 Brandy-open-winn  Dsc_0404brandy-pohyb         Dsc_5872-brandy _dsc0240brandy _dsc0341brandy-postoj _dsc0375brandy-pohyb-super _dsc0780brandy-pohyb _dsc0781brandy-pohyb-detail _dsc0906brandy-pohyb

Brandy-big-email Dsc_0281brandy Dsc_33091brandy-best-foto-ok


M: King of Helluland Just Georgeous

F: Seabrook´s Best Man At Pouch Cove




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